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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are located in a suburb of Richmond, Virginia, USA. Our time zone is the same as New York City, NY, USA.

How do you acquire the items for sale?

We purchase surplus inventory directly from hospitals, surgery centers, and legitimate dealers. We are not a manufacturer's distributor.

Have you sold online before this web site?

Yes. We have sold on eBay for more than a decade, seller name amdamom.

Is the online photo of the actual item for sale?

Yes, we take unique, specific photos for every item for sale.

Do you accept returns?

You may return any purchase within 14 days of receipt of any item, no reason needed for the return. Just email us and tell us you are returning an item and put proper paperwork with your return shipment so we can properly identify the return. Upon receipt we will refund your purchase price of the item, not including shipping costs.

Can you provide technique and operational advice on items sold?

Absolutely not, please refer those questions to the manufacturer or your local distributor.

The international shipping price seems expensive?

Yes, international shipping can be expensive since we only use USPS Express International or Fed Ex international. We only use these two options since they are trackable and have known time, delivery dates. Other, cheaper options do not offer those benefits.

Will you ship on my Fed Ex or UPS account?

We cannot ship on your account.

How quickly will you ship my item once I have paid for it?

We ship within one business day upon receipt of payment. If we are not able to ship your item within that time frame, we will contact you and tell when the shipment will occur.

Do you accept payments other than paypal?

Yes, we accept certified funds and wire transfers. If you wish to send a wire transfer, then send an email request for our wire transfer information.

Why do you only accept paypal as your only online form of payment?

The biggest reason why we only use paypal is security. We never see your credit card number or expiration date, we just know your email address. And for over 8 years, we have not had one chargeback as a merchant for both domestic and international sales. No chargebacks means better prices for you, the buyer.

How do I know my item has shipped?

We will inform you about your shipment in two formats, direct email and paypal. We will email your tracking number and we will also place shipping number in your paypal account where it will be recorded for your reference.